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Just Headache or Migraine?

A lot of times we confuse a migraine as a headache. It happens to me a lot of times, i was thinking im only having a headache but the truth is im actually having a migraine. But yeah they differ, a migraine hurts more than a headache. When you feel a lot of pain and some pulse and throbbing on one side of the head then thats migraine. In some cases a person become nauseated and may vomit. On a study, migraine is most common to women than in men. Huh? yes, women get migraine more than men. You can tell if you have a migraine when you see a flashing light or zigzag lines and sometimes temporary lose your vision. Theres a lot of reason that can trigger a migraine. Few of the reasons are lack of food or sleep, anxiety, hormonal changes for women (menopaus, period), and stress.
Headache is just a temporary pain, oftentimes it will be gone when you get rest for a few hours. But migraine can sometimes stay for a long period of time and really hurts the whole time. There are also 2 kinds of migraine, first is called classic migraine where the person has a visual symptom like the zigzag and flashing light vision and loses sight for a few seconds. While the other migraine kind is called common migraine, with this the person will not have vision symptoms but will have other symptoms like nausea and vomiting.


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