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Oh yes me and my husband are horror movies fanatic. We enjoy watching horror movies, to be honest i guess we watch most of the horror movies even the black and white horror movies, lol. To me it has more thrill, the thought of being scared is exciting. Some of the horror movies i watched before actually gave me the creeps and it only mean something the movie is really good in scaring people. We have a variety of collection of horror movies here in the house. We have all the Friday the 13th movies. We even have the first scary movie with no sound, the Nosferatu. Personally from all the classic horror, i like the Blood Thirst because it was filmed in the Philippines. And some of the actor and actresses are actually filipino. Some people don't like horror movies, they said horror movies are associated with the devil. I strongly disagree with that. It's not because you enjoy watching horror movies then you enjoy the company of the Devil. lol, well i don't care what people say or some christian say, i myself is a christian too but i honestly enjoy watching horror movies. It's not because i enjoy the company of the devil but i just love the thrill, the creeps, the trembling, everything about it. Well i also enjoy comedy movies but it depends on who are the actor and actresses. While in Horror movies, i don't actually care for the actor and actresses. And right now i am also on the horror fanatic site.


Joy0z said...

ew...i tried to like horror but i just can't lol! thank you for dropping my page.

afparks said...

your welcome...thanks for the comment

honey said...

Thank your for the visit Fel..sure lets xlinks. Hit me back when your done.... How are you na? God bless...

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