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I'm really frustrated about this smorthy thing. They keep on declining my blogs for different reason. Gosh it takes forever to be accepted on smorthy. They got a lot of rules. I just really want to see why people are getting crazy joining smorthy. They said it pays you for your blog. Well that's good, but its ridiculous they keep on declining me. But that's fine, I'll just wait and hope someday my blogs will be accepted. I know a lot of people who is getting money from their blogs already and they seem pretty happy with the pay. So then maybe its not a bad idea to keep trying to apply on smorthy. Maybe i just need to update my blogs more often from now on. The thing is sometimes im really so lazy to do so. Stupid me, why am i complaining about smorthy declining my blogs when its my fault! lol... well anyways, from now on my blogs will be updated always and hopefully smorthy will accept my blogs already. Really sometimes i don't know what to write here in my blogs. But well, from now on i'll just write anything i can just to have my blogs updated. Im signing out now, got a trillion things to do today...


The Endless Life's Journey