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Finally smorty approved my blog just yesterday. After my frustration the next day i got an e-mail telling me they approved my blog. Well then i tried the post exchange thing though my friend weng told me she never try it, just out of curiousity i tried it. But then the woman from Cebu didn't like my post about her blog and she said its wrong grammar....I thought its kind of ungrateful for her to do that cause i spent time writing something about her blogs that really i dont care and then she rejected it for wrong grammar. Well i dont have time to check my grammar, if smorty and bidvertiser approve blogs that really dont have a perfect grammar so i assume a regular person would be grateful enough that someone spent time to write something positive about their blogs. But thats fine, though i wasted my time writing something about her blogs. So i just deleted the blog i wrote for her because its wrong grammar. Ungrateful Bitch! Who cares if she's good on grammar, im not but im here in the US and people dont care about it. So just a warning to all filipino's be careful accepting the post exchange jobs because you will never know if the person will be ungrateful and just reject your work because of not having a perfect grammar. I know the reason we tried to blog in english because we all wanted to earn extra income from blogging and we all know that smorty will not accept blogs that are not in english.Well who cares if we dont speak english well after all we are not american, we are filipino, Im Bisaya infact and so as the bitch.


The Endless Life's Journey