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No matter how hard we try, we cannot live up to the saying " A friend will never let you down". In reality, from time to time we have failures. Sometimes our own selfishness allows to build a gap between our friends. Its an honor to be cherish that someone calls us as bestfriends. But occasionally we do something that doesn't show being a bestfriend at all.
Bestfriends they say will always be at your side. Bestfriends we always thought be with us and will always be willing to mend our broken hearts. To share the laughter and tears. But in reality we forgot that our so called bestfriends are also human beings who will never be perfect.
We tend to stick to fiction words describing what are bestfriends. Sometimes when our bestfriends made a simple mistake that is not in our favor we seem to forget all the good things about our bestfriends.
Its Stupidity to waste a good friendship just because of not being able to live up the fantasy saying. In truth and this truth should be the one humanity should accept that " Bestfriends are not always the Best. But just plain human being who cares about you.


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