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Yes today is finally warm here and we are happy about that. We been waiting for the warm weather for a long time and seems it took so long to come here. Even during late spring the weather here is still kind of freezing and we really hate the cold weather. Cold weather is when we are always stuck inside the house but today finally i've seen Mr. Sunshine. We have a lot of things to do today so i may be late to update all my blogs but who cares, im really excited with the hot weather. So today i will enjoy it and i will see all my blogger friends later. Good day everyone and see yah!!!!


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I been suffering from back pain these past couple of days. I know one reason for this is sitting a long time infront of the computer. Back pain originates from the muscles, nerves, bones, joints or other part of the spine. Actually Back pain is one of communities most problem. In the U.S. acute low back pain (also called lumbago) is the fifth most common reason for physician visits. About nine out of ten adults experience back pain at some point in their life, and five out of ten working adults have back pain every year.
Back pain can also be a sign of serious medical condition.
Warning Signs:
1. bowel and/or bladder incontinence or progressive weakness in the legs.
2. Severe back pain (such as pain that is bad enough to interrupt sleep) that occurs with other signs of severe illness (e.g. fever, unexplained weight loss) may also indicate a serious underlying medical condition.
3. Back pain that occurs after a trauma, such as a car accident or fall may indicate a bone fracture or other injury.
4. Back pain in individuals with medical conditions that put them at high risk for a spinal fracture, such as osteoporosis or multiple myeloma, also warrants prompt medical attention.

Memorial Day

Memorial Day was formerly known as Decoration Day. It remembers the men and women of the U.S who gave their life while in military service for the country. Most people observe this day by visiting memorials and cemetery. Another tradition is to fly the U.S. flag at half-staff from dawn until noon local time. Aside from commemorating those people who gave their life for the country, people also used it too as a time for picnic, gatherings, family reunion and sports event. Personally, i like the memorial day because i know summer is on it's way. Oh before i forget in southern area memorial day is also called decoration day. why? it's because they use memorial day as the time to decorate grave of all family members, not only those who was in military. The observe decoration day on Sunday before the actual memorial day. In addition to national observances, many individual communities hold memorial observance for fallen soldiers who were from that town by having a ceremony in a church or town memorial park. It is common for fire and police departments to remember and honor members lost in the line of duty. Towns also has some memorial day parade which in many cases after the parade they hold a town picnic barbecue at a local park. But again to me, im just excited finally summer is on it's way, goodbye freezing...


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1. Custer Memorial- A bronze statue stands on the site of George Armstrong Custer's birthplace. Only the foundation of the house remains at this roadside park and picnic area. Visitors at the exhibit pavilion may read about Custer's life and the spirited qualities of the young soldier whose "Last Stand" has made his name a household word. Custer, born in 1839, became famous as a daring cavalryman during the Civil War.It is partially handicapped accessible. The Custer Memorial is on the north side of State Route 646 at the west edge of New Rumley north of Cadiz, in Harrison County. The Admission fee is free

2. Fort Laurens- Named in honor of Henry Laurens, then president of the Continental Congress, Fort Laurens was built in 1778 in an ill-fated campaign to attack the British at Detroit. Supplying this wilderness outpost was its downfall, as its starving garrison survived on boiled moccasins and withstood a month-long siege by British-led Indians. The fort was abandoned in 1779.

Today, only the outline of the fort remains, but a small museum commemorates the frontier soldier, houses a video giving the fort's history and archaeological artifacts from the fort's excavation.
The large park surrounding the museum is an ideal picnic site, with two shelters, and the location for periodic military reenactments. The remains of the soldiers who died defending the fort are buried in a crypt in the museum wall and at the Tomb of the Unknown Patriot of the American Revolution. Fort Laurens is at the south edge of Bolivar, in Tuscarawas County, on County Road 102 about 1/2 mile south of State Route 212. Exit I-77 at State Route 212. There is an admission fee

3. McCook House- This large brick house is a memorial to the "Fighting McCooks," a nickname given to the family because of their military service during the Civil War.

Daniel McCook built this home and his family lived here until 1853. During the Civil War, Daniel's family contributed nine soldiers to the Union cause including 5 generals. Brother John's family contributed 5 officers. Four of Daniel's family including Daniel himself died in the conflict.
The restored house has several period rooms and a large room of exhibits on the McCook family and the Civil War. The McCook House is located on the west side of the public square in Carrollton in Carroll County. There is a small admission fee

4. Museum of Ceramics- The East Liverpool Museum of Ceramics houses an extensive collection of the wares produced by "America's Crockery City." Related displays on the social, political, and economic history of this town show the impact of industry on the community. Ceramic manufacturing was more important in East Liverpool during the late-nineteenth century than is steel production in Pittsburgh or automobile manufacturing in Detroit today. Located in the former city post office, the museum is a graphic example of the adaptive use of old buildings. The exhibits in the museum depict the growth and development of East Liverpool and its ceramic industry from 1840 to 1930, the period when the city's potteries produced over 50% of the ceramics manufactured in the United States. Through the skillful use of photographs, artifacts and life-size dioramas, the exhibits vividly portray the products and life of one of Ohio's most unique cities. The Museum of Ceramics is at 400 East Fifth Street on the corner of Broadway, in East Liverpool, in Columbiana County. There is an admission fee

5. Quaker Meeting House- This three-story brick building was erected in Mount Pleasant in 1814 and was the first yearly Quaker meeting house west of the Alleghenies.

Capable of holding 2,000 persons, the building contains an auditorium with a balcony. The auditorium can be divided into two rooms by lowering a wooden partition; when the building was actively used by Quakers, men and women met separately. Jesse Thomas and Robert Carothers laid out Mount Pleasant in 1803. It soon became an important market for Quaker settlers. The Mount Pleasant meeting house was used regularly until 1909. Quaker Meeting House is on the southwest edge of Mount Pleasant, in Jefferson County, a few blocks north of the intersection of State Route 150 and State Route 647. There is an Admission Fee

6. Schoenbrunn- The Moravian church founded Schoenbrunn ("beautiful spring") in 1772 as a mission to the Delaware Indians. The settlement grew to include sixty dwellings and more than 300 inhabitants who drew up Ohio's first civil code and built its first Christian church and schoolhouse.

Problems associated with the American Revolution prompted Schoenbrunn's closing in 1777. Schoenbrunn's story features a rare meeting of Indian and European cultures and a fascinating perspective on the American Revolution.

Today the reconstructed village includes seventeen log buildings, gardens, the original mission cemetery, and a museum and visitor center. The site also includes natural areas and picnic facilities. Schoenbrunn Village is at the southeast edge of New Philadelphia, in Tuscarawas County, on State Route 259. It is about four miles southeast of exit 81 off of I-77. There is a fee

7. Shaker Historical Museum- The Shaker museum is housed in a local mansion overlooking Upper Shaker Lake. The museum exhibits a large collection of Shaker objects. Many are from North Union, a Shaker colony founded in 1822 and located in what is now the city of Shaker Heights. The museum also has a library with collections from both the 19th-century Shakers and 20th-century Shaker Heights. By 1850 North Union was a prosperous community of 200. At first it sold produce and handmade furniture to nearby communities. Cleveland's mass production industries eventually put them out of business. The colony disbanded in 1889.

No architectural remnants of North Union Colony remain. The Shaker's legacy of simplicity of life style and concepts of equality, freedom, and social justice remain.
The Shaker Historical Museum is located in Shaker Heights at 16740 South Park Blvd. South Park is one block north of Shaker Blvd. off Warrensville Center Road in Cuyahoga County. There is a small fee

8. Tallmadge Church- A Tallmadge committee of seven men developed plans for building the church in 1819 and appointed one of their members, Lemuel Porter, as the architect and builder. The church raising began in July of 1822 and the church was dedicated on 8 September 1825.

Reflecting Porter's design, the wood, brace-framed church features a Greek Revival portico, supported by four large columns, and a dominant one-hundred-foot-high steeple with a weathervane. The main building measured forty-four feet wide by fifty-six feet long. Tallmadge Church is on the public circle of the city of Tallmadge, in Summit County, at the intersection of State Route 91 and State Route 261. There is no fee.

9. Youngstown Historical Center- The Youngstown Historical Center of Industry & Labor provides a dramatic overview of the impact of the iron and steel industry on Youngstown and other Mahoning Valley communities. The building, designed by renowned architect Michael Graves in 1986, houses the museum's permanent exhibit, By the Sweat of Their Brow: Forging the Steel Valley, explores labor, immigration and urban history, using videos, artifacts, photographs, and reconstructed scenes.

Objects on display range from workers' tools and clothing to "last heats," the last batches of steel produced at each of the mills before they closed. Hundreds of photographs, some more than 30 feet long, are used throughout the museum. Videos examine topics such as housing, recreation, and urban history. Life-size scenes---including a mill's locker room, part of a company-built house, and a blooming mill, where steel ingots were shaped for further processing---help visitors understand steelmaking and the lives of steelworkers.

In addition to the permanent exhibit, the Center offers educational programs, Ohio History Store giftshop and a library/archives. Part of the Ohio Network of American History Research Centers, the Archives/Library serves as a repository for local government records, as well as manuscripts collected from workers, companies and labor organizations. The Youngstown Historical Center is located at 151 W. Wood Street in Mahoning County. Wood Street is located between Wick Avenue and Fifth Avenue. It is one block North of downtown and two blocks South of Youngstown State University. There is a fee

10. Zoar Village- Founded by the German religious dissenters called the Society of Separatists of Zoar in 1817 as a communal society, Zoar today is an island of Old-World charm in east-central Ohio. Many of the German-style structures built by the Zoarites have been restored and are open to the public as Zoar Village State Memorial. Others are privately-owned, and serve as residences, shops, restaurants and bed and breakfast inns.

Visitors can experience the life of the agrarian Separatists by visiting the ten restored buildings (Number One House, Kitchen/Magazine Complex, Bimeler Museum, Garden House, Bakery, Tinshop, Dairy, Wagon Shop, Blacksmith Shop and Zoar Store), which are staffed with costumed interpreters and furnished with items made or used by the Separatists. Some buildings are staffed, others open by guided tour. Volunteers give craft demonstrations during the many yearly special events. Zoar Village is located 2.5 miles east of I-77 (exit 93) on State Route 212. It is between New Philadelphia and Canton in Tuscarawas County. There is a Fee.


Oh yes me and my husband are horror movies fanatic. We enjoy watching horror movies, to be honest i guess we watch most of the horror movies even the black and white horror movies, lol. To me it has more thrill, the thought of being scared is exciting. Some of the horror movies i watched before actually gave me the creeps and it only mean something the movie is really good in scaring people. We have a variety of collection of horror movies here in the house. We have all the Friday the 13th movies. We even have the first scary movie with no sound, the Nosferatu. Personally from all the classic horror, i like the Blood Thirst because it was filmed in the Philippines. And some of the actor and actresses are actually filipino. Some people don't like horror movies, they said horror movies are associated with the devil. I strongly disagree with that. It's not because you enjoy watching horror movies then you enjoy the company of the Devil. lol, well i don't care what people say or some christian say, i myself is a christian too but i honestly enjoy watching horror movies. It's not because i enjoy the company of the devil but i just love the thrill, the creeps, the trembling, everything about it. Well i also enjoy comedy movies but it depends on who are the actor and actresses. While in Horror movies, i don't actually care for the actor and actresses. And right now i am also on the horror fanatic site.

Just Headache or Migraine?

A lot of times we confuse a migraine as a headache. It happens to me a lot of times, i was thinking im only having a headache but the truth is im actually having a migraine. But yeah they differ, a migraine hurts more than a headache. When you feel a lot of pain and some pulse and throbbing on one side of the head then thats migraine. In some cases a person become nauseated and may vomit. On a study, migraine is most common to women than in men. Huh? yes, women get migraine more than men. You can tell if you have a migraine when you see a flashing light or zigzag lines and sometimes temporary lose your vision. Theres a lot of reason that can trigger a migraine. Few of the reasons are lack of food or sleep, anxiety, hormonal changes for women (menopaus, period), and stress.
Headache is just a temporary pain, oftentimes it will be gone when you get rest for a few hours. But migraine can sometimes stay for a long period of time and really hurts the whole time. There are also 2 kinds of migraine, first is called classic migraine where the person has a visual symptom like the zigzag and flashing light vision and loses sight for a few seconds. While the other migraine kind is called common migraine, with this the person will not have vision symptoms but will have other symptoms like nausea and vomiting.

Pay per post

Im so happy that finally my payperpost got approved. I signed up for payperpost because like many other bloggers we want the opportunity to earn money while blogging. So i get interested about it when a dear friend of mine mention it to me in a certain conversation. So i visited the site and see it sounds good. So i applied to it but then the first time i applied to they deny my blog because during that time im not really active on my blogs and i did not have a lot of link. So then i applied again and it took a long time before they finally approve my blog. Today to show gratefulness to them i am making this blog. I was browsing the site today and im surprise i can actually meet new friends too. I just love being a member of payperpost.Hopefully i will be able to make new friends and get a lot of task to be paid and earn extra for blogging. So i am encouraging everyone who is still not a member of payperpost to visit their site and sign up. You will surely enjoy and will have fun while blogging and earning. If by chance they will deny your blog at first, please don't get discourage but do what they advise you to do and then re-apply again. And that's all you can start earning from your blogs.

Technology Nowdays

Well today i went out to check on some kind of iphone and my gosh, i find a lot of choices. Its amazing how technology improve nowdays, now you can do things you usually do infront of the pc with the iphone. To me its easy and convenient coz you could carry it anywhere you want. Especially if you really need to check your e-mail you could just do it right from your phone. Well as i was browsing around the store for phone, i notice a lot of different new technology nowdays. I was thinking this new technology really does help. thanks to all the inventor who invented all kinds of new technology nowdays. But sometimes it looks like people are getting lazy like for example having a robot clean up your house. Gosh, thats really being lazy, well for me anyways. But for some people its convenient for them especially if their schedule are hectic and they don't have a time to clean. Well, let us wait in a coming year and see what are the new technology again. We have gps and navigation system now, iphone, etc...maybe next time they will invent something that drives the car without a real human being driving, that will be cool.


It is important to use some toners after you wash your face. It helps to rinse the skin, remove oils and tighten pores. But nowdays, beauty products are expensive so what i do is research for home made beauty products. Now i have a list of home made toners which don't cost a lot and which you could make inside your house.

1. Witch Hazel- Just apply plain old witch hazel straight from the bottle to the face with a cotton ball and let it evaporate. Please avoid the eye area.

2. Lemon Juice Toner- Squeeze just half a lemon and add it to 1 cup of warm water. Strain off pulp and seeds and pour into a small plastic bottle, shake well, and apply to the face using cotton ball. The citric Acid from the lemon juice helps to fade age and brown spots over time. Store it in the refrigerator.

3. Chamomile Tea- Steep a chamomile tea bag in hot water. And add an equal amount of fresh water. Pour into a plastic bottle and apply to the skin with a cotton ball.

4. Green Tea- This is what im using now as a toner. Steep a green tea bag in 1 cup of hot water and let it cool. Add 1 cup of fresh water and pour into a small plastic bottle. Apply it to the face with cotton ball.


My Husband and I has been watching this old tv series called Sledge Hammer starring David Rasche. At first i don't think i will like it but after watching the first episode on the volume 1 dvd, i can't stop watching the whole dvd series. Its really funny with a little violence that really makes the show more funny. Inspector Sledge Hammer of the San Francisco Police Department is a violent, sadistic, and insensitive, yet oddly likeable detective. His best friend is a .44 Magnum with a customized grip featuring the drawing of a sledgehammer. Hammer sleeps and showers with his gun and even talks to it. Hammer believes in firing first and asking questions never. His defining moment is in the pilot episode, when he blows up an entire building with a rocket launcher in order to deal with a sniper on the roof.Most of the humor in Sledge Hammer! is based on Sledge's callous, simplistic, narrow-minded worldview and its unfortunate consequences for those around him. Hammer is like a human tornado, devastating everyone and everything in his path. Fiercely patriotic and xenophobic, he is a warmonger and a registered Republican. He blames gun control, feminism, and rock music for many of the world's ills. One example of such humor:

Sledge Hammer: Well, Miss, I was in this store when two thugs entered and threatened the owner with shotguns. At that time I drew my magnum and killed them both. Then I bought some eggs, milk, and some of those little cocktail weenies.

News reporter: Inspector Hammer, was what you did in the store absolutely necessary?

Sledge Hammer: Oh yes, I had almost no groceries at all.

Really the show isn't too bad at all and since then we keep the whole dvd and added to our collection. How i wish they make more episode of it and air it back on tv.


1 Teaspoon Yogurt
1/2 Teaspoon Honey

Mix together in a small cup and massage all over the face. Rinse and remove with warm water and a washcloth.
The lactic acid in yogurt is ideal for skin. Honey is the only food found in nature that bacteria doesn't grow in. That's why a jar of honey can be left out without refrigeration. Honey is beneficial for antibacterial cleansing.


Today is Saturday and the weather is not really good here in Ohio right now. Its raining so hard though sometimes it stops for a few minutes. We was supposed to go to my husband sister to visit her baby but since the weather did not work with us then we are stuck here in the house. We did go out for a few minutes to the lake but we got bored just sitting inside the car because the wind is fierce so we decide not to go out. We just finally decide to get something from the grocery store and be back home and just enjoy our time together. So right now, we are at home being bored. But its fine, im happy as long as me and my husband are together. Hopefully tomorrow will be a nice weather because we have to attend church and enjoy the weekend after church. It's really kind of a boring weekend...


Hi, I'm accepting link exchange now. just leave your url and i will add your link then as a return please add mine too. But if you are a Bitch don't even try to exchange link with me because i won't do it. All of us want to earn extra income through blogging but Bitch are not welcome to my blogs. This is my Blog and it don't matter whatever i wrote in here, it don't matter if my grammar are not as perfect as yours. Because you are not the one paying me to do Blogs. So Bitches back off!!! My rule for my Blog and link exchange is leave your link and i will add you then add my link too. That's all, I don't need criticism for my own blogs. Thanks and happy Blogging.


Finally smorty approved my blog just yesterday. After my frustration the next day i got an e-mail telling me they approved my blog. Well then i tried the post exchange thing though my friend weng told me she never try it, just out of curiousity i tried it. But then the woman from Cebu didn't like my post about her blog and she said its wrong grammar....I thought its kind of ungrateful for her to do that cause i spent time writing something about her blogs that really i dont care and then she rejected it for wrong grammar. Well i dont have time to check my grammar, if smorty and bidvertiser approve blogs that really dont have a perfect grammar so i assume a regular person would be grateful enough that someone spent time to write something positive about their blogs. But thats fine, though i wasted my time writing something about her blogs. So i just deleted the blog i wrote for her because its wrong grammar. Ungrateful Bitch! Who cares if she's good on grammar, im not but im here in the US and people dont care about it. So just a warning to all filipino's be careful accepting the post exchange jobs because you will never know if the person will be ungrateful and just reject your work because of not having a perfect grammar. I know the reason we tried to blog in english because we all wanted to earn extra income from blogging and we all know that smorty will not accept blogs that are not in english.Well who cares if we dont speak english well after all we are not american, we are filipino, Im Bisaya infact and so as the bitch.

antique reproduction furniture

I come across this site where it sells a lot of things a home need. Its the antique reproduction furniture and reading the blogs you will see a lot of nice stuff. I like the one that has a title of Pillow and Lamp from Troso Fabric. Its kind of neat where villager from Troso makes some fabric handicraft. If you want to browse for antique reproduction furniture you could check out that site and it will tells you more about the troso fabric handicraft products. Im not really into antique but reading the blog it gives me idea of quality antique reproduction furniture. So visit it and see for yourself and im sure you will find interesting stuff about it. The site also talks about some rattan products. All in all the blog is really good and you will learn a lot of things about antique reproduction furniture.


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Online Games

When im bored or stress i have a way to make myself relax. All i do is go to my favorite online games site. I really like visiting gamershood and pogo those are 2 game sites that i always go to play games. The gamershood has a lot of games. My favorite is escape the room games. In those games you have to use your brain to be able to achieve your goal of escaping the room. They also offer some cheats and i use them every now and then but if you really want to do it by yourself then you can chose not to use the cheats. While in pogo, this site offer a variety of games too where you could also win. All you do is play games and gather some tokens which you could use later to join the raffle draw. You really dont have to pay anything to play and get tokens and win. But also they have cash games where you registered and play by cash. But i did not register in cash games so i only gather tokens and use it to play for the raffle draw. So far, honestly i never win anything yet but i do have a lot of tokens already. It is really fun playing games in pogo where you could also meet a lot of people and be friends with them. So if you need to relax your mind from stress or if your just bored just visit those two sites and i guarantee you will be relaxed afterwards.


I'm really frustrated about this smorthy thing. They keep on declining my blogs for different reason. Gosh it takes forever to be accepted on smorthy. They got a lot of rules. I just really want to see why people are getting crazy joining smorthy. They said it pays you for your blog. Well that's good, but its ridiculous they keep on declining me. But that's fine, I'll just wait and hope someday my blogs will be accepted. I know a lot of people who is getting money from their blogs already and they seem pretty happy with the pay. So then maybe its not a bad idea to keep trying to apply on smorthy. Maybe i just need to update my blogs more often from now on. The thing is sometimes im really so lazy to do so. Stupid me, why am i complaining about smorthy declining my blogs when its my fault! lol... well anyways, from now on my blogs will be updated always and hopefully smorthy will accept my blogs already. Really sometimes i don't know what to write here in my blogs. But well, from now on i'll just write anything i can just to have my blogs updated. Im signing out now, got a trillion things to do today...


What is MSG? :
MSG is the salt version of glutamic acid. Glutamatic acid is one of a chain of 20 amino acids that make up a protein molecule. It is a non-essential amino acid, which means that the body produces what is needed and we don’t need to make it up in our diet. The brain uses glutamic acid as a neurotransmitter.
Glutamate is glutamic acid that has been broken down by fermentation, cooking or other methods. Monosodium glutamate is made by mixing glutamate with salt and water.
History of MSG:
Asian cooks have been taking advantage of glutamate’s flavor enhancing properties for centuries. It is unclear whether the Chinese or Japanese first discovered that a broth made from a certain type of seaweed enhanced the natural flavor of food. But it wasn't until 1908 that Professor Ikeda of the University of Tokyo first isolated glutamate from broth made with dried Konbu kelp. (He went on to create and patent Monosodium glutamate, or MSG).
How is MSG Made Today?:
Today, the MSG we find on store shelves is usually made from fermented sugar beet or sugar cane molasses, in a process quite similar to the way soy sauce is made.
Why is MSG So Popular?:
It all comes down to our taste buds. It has long been known that there are four basic tastes - sweet, sour, salty, and bitter. It is now thought that there is a fifth taste, called "umami." Umami is the savory taste that occurs naturally in foods such as tomatoes and ripe cheese. Just as eating chocolate stimulates the sweet taste receptors on our tongue, eating food seasoned with MSG stimulates the glutamate or "umami" receptors on our tongue, enhancing the savory flavor of these foods.
MSG Use in Cooking:
MSG is used extensively in Japanese cooking, where it is sold under the brand name Ajinomoto, and in Chinese restaurant food. MSG use, however, is not confined to Asian cuisine. Ajinomoto is a very popular seasoning in North America, where it is sold under the brand name Accent. Throughout the food industry, MSG is becoming an increasingly popular way to add flavor to packaged foods such as soups, sauces, seasonings, and instant snacks.
What are the Health Concerns?:
Many experts blame MSG for "Chinese Restaurant Syndrome" - the headaches, dizziness, and chest pains some people experience after dining at a Chinese restaurant. There is a debate among the scientific community over whether MSG is the culprit. While the U.S. FDA states that MSG is generally safe, it acknowledges the seasoning may pose problems for certain individuals. Specifically, asthmatics and people who can tolerate small, but not large, amounts of MSG may be at risk.
Should You Use MSG?:
Even if you don't experience negative side effects, is there any need for you to use MSG when preparing Chinese dishes? Again, the experts disagree. Some cooks argue that a well cooked meal using fresh vegetables doesn't need enhancing. Others do use it occasionally. However, I think I'll leave the last word on the subject to two experts. First, Irene Kuo, author of The Key to Chinese Cooking, considered by many to be the definitive guide to cooking Chinese food:
"While "taste-essence" is of Chinese heritage, it was never accepted by the elite society of gastronomy where cooking skill and lavish use of natural ingredients are the essence. Today's version is a chemical compound known as monosodium glutamate or MSG and to me it does nothing to enhance flavor. Rather it gives food a peculiar sweetened taste that I find absolutely distasteful, and for some people it has unpleasant side effects.”
Ken Hom, popular television chef and author of numerous Chinese cookbooks, has a slightly different view: "Scientists still are not sure how this chemical works, but it does seem to bring out the natural salt flavor of foods and can help revive or enliven the taste of bland food and old vegetables...The very best chefs, cooks, and restaurants, however, avoid MSG and rely instead, as they should, on the freshest and finest ingredients that need no enhancing." (From The Taste of China).

If you want to spice up a dish without using MSG, try adding a bit of sugar instead.

Are You Married To A Jerk?

*Types of Difficult Spouse or a Jerk:

1. The know it all
2. The negative thinker
3. The criticizer
4. The Wishy washy type
5. The silent clam
6. The bully
7. The sickening sweet personality
8. The procrastinator
9. The self-centered and selfish person
10. The demanding type
11. The joker
12. The embarassing spouse

* Coping Strategies if you've married a Jerk

1. Recognize you can't change your spouse. You can only change your reactions and responses.
2. Reinforce positive behavior. When your spouse done something right then say so. and appreciate it.
3. Maintain eye contact when stating your opinions or feelings. Be prepared so you know what you want to say before you say it.
4. Be straightforward and clear in your communication with your spouse.
5. Dont place blame. it only creates defensiveness. use "I" statements
6. Try and focus on the positive. Looking only on the negative behaviors in your spouse can be self-fulfilling.
7. Be honest about yourself. If you make a mistake, admit it.
8. Listen with both your heart and mind
9. Make time to be alone together such as taking walks.
10. Show love even in rough days


No matter how hard we try, we cannot live up to the saying " A friend will never let you down". In reality, from time to time we have failures. Sometimes our own selfishness allows to build a gap between our friends. Its an honor to be cherish that someone calls us as bestfriends. But occasionally we do something that doesn't show being a bestfriend at all.
Bestfriends they say will always be at your side. Bestfriends we always thought be with us and will always be willing to mend our broken hearts. To share the laughter and tears. But in reality we forgot that our so called bestfriends are also human beings who will never be perfect.
We tend to stick to fiction words describing what are bestfriends. Sometimes when our bestfriends made a simple mistake that is not in our favor we seem to forget all the good things about our bestfriends.
Its Stupidity to waste a good friendship just because of not being able to live up the fantasy saying. In truth and this truth should be the one humanity should accept that " Bestfriends are not always the Best. But just plain human being who cares about you.

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