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5 Basics levels of commitment in a relationship

1. Dating and going out together ( No sexual intimacy on this level)
2. Dating each other only ( Dating exclusively and some intimacy, not sex)
3. Engagement, a commitment of making the relationship permanent .
Intimacy is ok here. By now you are making plans for the future together. It is safe and constructive to trust at a physical level. Women who given into sex before this stage, often pay the price of losing their partner.
4. Marriage, it is the goal of the relationship
5. Supporting on marriage and working together in maintaning the bond.


1) Remember that love is a verb. Choose to love your spouse, no matter what the situation is.
2) Communicate even if it results in an argument. Choose a private place and a time when you can discuss your issues without interruptions.
3) Outlaw any name calling, references to past history, and cheap shots during the argument. Stick to the issue at hand.
4) Listen to your spouse attentively without interruption. Pay attention to the emotions that lie behind the words and body language. Do not try to change those feelings or offer solutions, just validate them by listening.
5) Don't go to bed angry at each other. Call a truce before bedtime. Most things look better in the morning.
6) Take action. Do something every day that shows your love for your spouse even if you don't feel love. Love has a funny way of creeping back into the picture.

The Endless Life's Journey