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Will You Keep Your New Year's Resolution?

I've been tagged by my friend who owns the site, Pinay love stories.
As for me, I dont really make any new years resolution. When i was still studying every year, our teacher will ask everyone to write each own new year resolution but honestly i dont really care about it. Most of the time, of course the content of our new year resolution is changing our bad attitude for the new year. or else trying to reach the dreams you have. But only a few really keep their new year resolution. To me, just make the best of the year. Change something you want to change any time of the year not just new year. Dont be a hypocrite and make a new year resolution just because everyone is doing it. Just do what you want to do in life. Be happy and be grateful to God that He gave you another year in your life. If you indeed made any new year resolution, try at least to keep it. But if you fail, be proud of yourself because at least you tried. I have things i want to change but not just because its new year but because those things are not good. So I'll try and hopefully will succeed.


The Endless Life's Journey