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1. Time to really know one another: you see love, and particularly, first love, is an idealized time. Thus each partner froms a rather idealized image of the other. What is vitally necessary is that time should be spent in coming to know the real person. There should be time for discussions of such topics as money, friends, parents, church, wife working, how soon the children, what kind of a home, is divorce ever justified? Wise couple should use the engagement period as time to see what life would be like under these circumstances.
2. Engagements should also be long enough to learn as much as you can about the problems married life will bring. And there are many.
3. Opportunity should also be provided to learn the other's attitude on sexual matters. This is a day of frankness in intimate things. However, one must exercise extreme care not to let frankness sink into brazenness or unclean thinking.
4. The matter of both parties relationship to their parents ought to be considered soberly. Time ought to be taken to seek to establish satisfactory relations with the other's in-laws, and to allow opportunity to enable parents to make any adjustments that are necessary.
5. Lastly, the period of engagement ought to be long enough to allow time for either one to change his mind, and terminate the engagement if this is found to be best. There is no dishonor here. Oftentimes it is the most noble thing to do.


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