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A man had search for love his whole life. He had married twice unsuccessfuly, and dated many women after that. He became very bitter from the dating process from so many dissapointments. He became hardened in his heart. He felt that he would never find love. Feeling alone he turned into spiritual life and tried to connect more with God. About the same time, he also started some personal growth work to find out more about who he really was.

One night on his sleep, deep in his world of dreams, he saw "Her". In his dream he meet the woman that he would marry again. In his dream a woman had agreed to meet him in a large open restaurant. Even on his dream he said " i bet, she wont show up". As he impatiently waited on his table on the restaurant, in a flash she appeared. She quickly open her arms to hug him, tears welled up in his eyes. his heart open to her, she is the one that he had search for. When he woke up from his dreams, his eyes are still wet from tears. And he knew that he would soon find her. A few months later walking down the isle on a drug store. he saw her, the same woman who had appeared on his dream. He carefully walked up to her. They both knew when their eyes met. they were married the next year. Dont give up on love, if you cant find love then it will find you. When you are ready, it will arrive.


Cil said...

thats right sis and someone who give up on LOVE are losers and never be a winner to have the opportunity to be inlove........

The Endless Life's Journey