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5 Steps You Can Feel Sexy Even If Being Overweight

1. Certainly, you too can feel sexy while you lost those unwanted pounds of fat. Is this a good news? Absolutely, because you are sexy. Have a positive attitude because you can make your weight loss be a success
2. The best way to feel sexy during weight loss process is by adopting a sexy attitude,enjoying how your body is transforming, start pampering your own body.
3. Start rewarding yourself for losing weight and improve your eating habits. For example, by having a sexy shower, transforming your regular take it for granted for regular shower. You can prepare a nice shower by lighting an aromatic candle, use body oil, and why not have your favorite music as background? or how about have your favorite juice? Awesome...just awesome.
4. Lets get rid of your overweight extra big shirts and start buying nice sexy clothes that make you feel good but dont buy too small a size where u can get a negative effect. Now, it is your attitude, feel sexy, comfortable with a high self-esteem.
5. Get something new for yourself. Get something you thought is sexy for others but not for you. Now you are in control! who said you are not sexy, helloooooo you are sexy.


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