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Why Blog?

Simple, i want to express my feelings, i want to share tips, advises and everything i could think of. Another reason for blogging is, i am getting paid to blog. Well of course unlike a regular job, blogging wont really pay you so much. you are just getting paid for how much your work is worth. But the good thing about blogging is you don't have a boss. You are your own boss. You could decide when to blog at your convenience. And also nobody can tell you what you want to express in your blogs. You could yell, scream, cry, shout in your words when you write in your blog and nobody has room to tell you its wrong. Its your blogs, do what you want to do with it and say what you want to say. But of course, be considerate with people around you too. If you do blogs that will offend people then of course, all you will get is negative comments. But like i said its your blog, who cares what you want to say. All people could do is leave negative comments. Its up to you if you would chose negative comments rather than good comments about a certain topic of your blogs. Just remember, you reap what you sow. Keep on blogging, keep on earning a few bucks for your own opinion and ideas.


The Endless Life's Journey