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OK here's another things and tips for everyone that might help to have a better love life. thanks for reading my blogs...

The green-eyed monster

Excessive jealousy or possessiveness is the leading reason behind why people break up. If you are extremely possessive about your partner, you could be sabotaging your own love life. Nobody likes their life to be controlled by someone else. If your partner starts to feel concerned by your desire to always control what he or she is doing, they might just break free. If you are the type that gets jealous easily, the next time you feel the feeling surfacing, remind yourself that it could be worse for you to indulge in your jealousy, rather than ignore it. Talk to your partner instead, and explain that your possessiveness stems from the fact that you love him/her immensely and that you are willing to work on changing.


If you are having sexual problems in your relationship and do not talk to your partner about your issues, it could ruin your relation. Sex is not the only thing, but then, it is a natural desire. If there are problems in this department your best bet would be to voice your feelings. If you continue to remain silent, it could lead to frustration and you might end up losing your partner

The past

Let the past remain in the past, there is no point in bringing it up and allow it to affect your present. If you have issues, talk to your loved ones. If you allow these issues to build they will not only ruin your love life, but also extend to other relationships in your love life.

Money problems

Money can cause a lot of tension between two people who are intimate. The only way to solve money issues, is to reach middle ground. If you love shopping, limit your expenses. Similarly, the partner who likes to save should loosen his or her fist a little and learn to enjoy the money that is earned.

Former lovers

No one likes it if their partner still has feelings for their ex, or even an implication that their partner favours another's company. So, if you are still in touch with your ex, you need to stop it before it destroys your current relationship. If you feel that both of you are genuinely just friends with your respective ex's, learn to accept that. Otherwise you both need to sit down and have a talk as to where you stand in each other's lives, so that there is no room for doubt.


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