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Wondering whats the meaning of my title? well actually, its not really a word that you can find in the dictionary but its a name me and my friends since high school till now call our group. The T- stands for Thena and shes happily married now living with her husband and their 2 kids in nevada, las vegas. The E- stands for Eva, shes also happily married and expecting a baby soon, shes living with her husband in Fairbanks, Alaska. The J-stands for Jennilyn, shes in Cebu Philippines and happily working and in a relationship with her boyfriend since in college. The I-stands for Ivy, shes getting married soon with her boyfriend in Virginia. The F- stands for Felisa (yours truly). Notice the dash after the I? its because i was the last one to be involve with the group. Actually Thena and I known each other since in elementary, we became close friends but then she had to transfer schools when we was in grade 3. Since then, i dont hear from her already. Then we met again on our high school but still during our first year high school. We was in different sections. I was in section Science, while Jennilyn is section Technology, Eva, Thena and Ivy are in section 2 i guess. So actually it all started with Thena, Eva and Ivy then Jenjen is Ivy's neighbor so Jenjen was in the group too. and during that time I had other friends from my section. Not until our second year high school that we actually form that group. What happened was my Earthscience teacher in 1st year gave me a low grade so then I was out in the Science section because my grade did not met the rating for the Science section already on second year. So i was thrown to section 1 on my second year high school. The same thing happened with Jennilyn, she was out on the Technology section because her grades went low. Then Eva, Thena and Ivy, also was in section 1 already on second year high school. Thats when our friendship starts. And until now, though we are far from each other and each one has different lives or career, we are still in contact with each other. I will always treasure the friendship we have. To reminisce the days on our high school its really a colorful days of my life. The TEJI-F are crazy but one thing i am proud of my friends is we never get involve on drugs. I am proud to be a member of the TEJI-F. Memories will always remains. I love you my friends...


The Endless Life's Journey