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Moon Landing, a Hoax!

You hear me right moonlanding to me is nothing but a hoax. It did not occur, its funny how they put it in school books as the biggest accomplishment of the USA. the moonlanding but theres a lot of evidences that aldrin and armstrong never walked in the moon. search it in youtube, theres a lot of evidences explaining how a lot of people been fooled believing all these years that USA was able to land in the moon. Though the evidences are clear but still a lot of people refuse to believe that really the moonlanding did not occur. But hey, search it yourself and you will see a lot of proof that moonlanding is nothing but a film show. Dont get mad on me for refusing to believe it but this is my opinion,i dont care what you believe. I added a video of this hoax. If you notice on this video, why the hell the american flag move? no air in the moon, there is no way this flag will move if its really in the moon. But if you notice on this video, when the austronaut passed the flag, the flag wave. No matter what NASA's explanation on that, they can't argue that the flag indeed move. So isnt that a hoax? no way, no how the flag could move in the moon just by the austronaut passing by. No matter how much you argue it, the fact still remains the flag was waving when the austronaut passed by it. Too impossible to happen when there is no air.


Story said...

hala ka fel isug ayo ka mobatikos hehhee

Anonymous said...

It's good to have an open mind, just be careful it's not so open that it drops out.

Keep in mind that there are a lot of people trying to sell you their books about the "hoax", so they aren't really interested in showing you both sides of the story. Check out some of the hoax debunking sites, in particular or and then make up your own mind.

afparks said...

Hi anonymous, i made up my own mind already. like i said, i dont believe the moonlanding is real. and also i never wasted any money on those books that your talking. and also i study both sides already, and my opinion is its not real and thats all there is to it. I dont care if you believe its real. thats your opinion and i respect you if you believe it or not. what i posted is just really my personal view.

Anonymous said...

Having "an opinion and that's all there is to it" doesn't sound very open minded, or make it sound like you have done any real evaluation of the relative merits of the hoax claims. Have you ever visited either of those sites I mentioned? Both of them have active forums populated with very knowledgable people who know heaps about this subject. They can help with any questions you or any readers of your blog might have, and can provide checkable references to back up everything they say, unlike the hoax proponents.

If all you have done is look at YouTube videos, then you are not getting the whole story. All of the claims made in those videos rely on the fact that most people do not have the science background to be able to spot when they are being misled. There is nothing wrong with this, everybody is different and has their own interests, but to make absolute claims and yet fail to examine the evidence as presented by both sides borders on wilful ignorance.

There is nothing in those YouTube videos that can not be instantly debunked. Go to Apollo Hoax if you think you can prove otherwise.

A final note - it's a little bit disingenuous of you to claim that you are just expressing your opinion when you have made a post on your blog inviting people to go check out the videos that convinced you; you are obviously trying to sway the opinions of others, so you should not be too afraid of having your beliefs challenged.

afparks said...

sorry but there is something on those youtube videos. and hey, im not insisting people to go to youtube if i really want to convince them then i would add the videos myself here in my blogs. all i said is people can go search it in youtube. i did not say you've got to search it people. to me if they are interested they will search but if they dont then i cant do anything about that. and no im not afraid that my belief will be challenged. and yes i examine both sides but to me man never made it to the moon. and no i dont try to sway the opinion of others, its up to them to do research for themselves because i've done my part on myself that made me leads to the conclusion that really moonlanding did not happened.

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