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Long Distance Relationship

Most people consider long distance relationships to be difficult and challenging and without much chance of success. (WRONG!) but its the inability to see each other and spend time together physically is the biggest stumbling block in long distance relationships. But if you are committed enough to get around this difficulty, long distance relationships need not be really different from any other relationship.People who get into long distance relationships are not different from people who are fortunate to have their partners around. They share common interests and an interest in each other’s lives, care for each other and love each other. The only real difference is the inability to be in each other’s presence physically. Consider these thoughts about how you can still make it work for the two of you. Help each other and commit on making the relationship work even if being apart from each other.

*Speak honestly to each other- if there is something you dont like then speak up and open it up
*Have trust in each other. Showing mistrust and accusing your partner can only harm the relationship. My husband would see a little jealousy sometimes as being sweet but too much of it is not good at all.
*Keep each other well informed about your lives. Tell him/her about your friends, your activities and the changes that are happening in your life. This creates a feeling of security and satisfaction between you. My husband gave me his dad's cellphone number and every now and then i would send text to his dad and his dad would text me, sometimes we chat online when his dad is with his girlfriend which i have in contact of her too. My husband has my fathers cellphone number. sometimes when he called me, he talks to my father also. and they stay in touch with text and sometimes chat online.
*Keep in touch as much as possible. Technology has made this really easy. Invent new ways to contact your partner. Show creativity and thoughtfulness. Hearing often from each other keeps you secure. My husband and i would always see to it that we have contact everyday, either on text, or online or calling. It is very important.
*Although you can’t be physically together as much as you wished, make romantic gestures like sending flowers, cards, love poems and gifts. This tells your partner how much you think of them and makes them eager to see you. Every now and then my husband would sent me a love e-mail or sometimes an online e-cards, and letters on the post office, packages, everything that show how special i am. i do the same too, like sending him letters on the mail or e-mail, e-cards and cards. dont forget special dates like his/her birthday, valentines, christmas or anniversary.
*Planning to reunite is an integral part of long distance relationships. If either or both partners are not willing to visit the other once in a while, the relationship cannot be a serious one.It is also crucial to set a limit of how long you will be physically away. Both of you have to come together eventually and settle in the same place if the relationship has to work out. This is an important thing to do, two people in love need each other, emotionally and physically.


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