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This one caught my attention on my research.

What is love? Is it when you:
Feel like someone hit you in the stomach, you can't catch your breath, and you can't think of anything to say. You just mumble and stutter a lot.
Have an exhilarating blast of seven quarts of blood to your head from a kiss – leaving you daydreaming and drooling.
Get a dry throat, clammy hands, sweaty armpits, and the little hairs on the back of your neck stand on end at the sight of him or her walking by.
Wish time would stop when you are together.
Spend days contemplating really important things like picking out names for the children you will have together.
Rehearse every detail of your wedding, like how many bridesmaids you will have and what color the dresses will be.

Love can be confusing. Is it just a good feeling that comes over you? Why the sweaty palms, dizziness, and weird stomach things- like when you're coming down with the flu, or ate something that hasn’t been kept at proper temperature?

Don’t you wish relationships were as simple as they were in grade school? Being in love then meant you had someone who would be nice to you on the playground and at lunchtime. But times change, and love is usually hard to figure out. Nowadays, love is easy to say and hard to do. We use just one word, “love”, in English. But in Greek, there are actually three words to describe three very different kinds of love.

Think about of love:

Love “because of”. This is a brotherly love that says, “ I love you because of who you are.” You love people with this love because they are your family, your teammates or your friends. The Greek word for this kind of love is “philio”. It’s the same idea as companionship or mutual regard.
Love “if”. Love “if “ is a kind of love derived from the sexual attraction that sometimes draws guys to girls and vise versa. Too often, it’s a confused love that depends on if:
You treat me right,
Your body turns me on,
You do what I like to do.
By itself, love “if” is a pretty shallow love that can change in a matter of seconds. The Greeks used the word “eros” for this love that is mostly physical and emotional.
Love “no matter what”. This kind of love is an unconditional love. It’s a love not tied down to what you do, what you look like, or whom you hang out with. In the Bible, it’s used to describe God’s love for us, a decision of commitment that never changes, a love that takes the first step toward someone. This is called “agape” in Greek. More than just our emotions, agape involves our mind and our will. Agape continues loving even when it’s been wronged or ignored, forgotten or snubbed. It’s an amazing love that never stops giving, even when it’s not getting anything in return.


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