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Family or Riches?

Before i believe on the saying "Blood is thicker than water", but to hear stories of people whose family neglected them because of riches that just stop me from believing on that saying. How will you feel when you needed some help and you know that one of your family can really help but they refuse to do so just by thinking there is a possibility they will spend a dime by helping you? im for sure it wont give a smile on your face, worse is you dont need some financial help but some other help that your family can really do but still they dont help on the thought that their is a possibility that it will cost them money. Which one is really important? Your family or your riches?
Nowadays, people are being so greedy that they would rather neglect a family's call for help than spending their money. They are not thinking that their money cannot show them real love. That they cannot bring their money when they crook. I would feel great to be able to help someone in my family if i have the ability to do so. I would be grateful to be the one to help not the one to be asking help. But its sad to know people being rejected by their own family in exchange of wealth. Most has these thougths in their mind " I earned this money, this is mine, why would i share it?"
My opinion is if you have the ability to help financially then its not wrong to help those in needs especially if its someone from your family. Or help those hungry children in some poor countries. but what im saying is give with a clean heart, not just give or help just because in your thought people will admire you for being so gracious to share what you have. Would you rather chose to lose the respect and love of your family than losing your riches? Whatever you sow here on earth, you will reap it later. Would it be nice to know that for once in your life you did a favor for someone who needs it. Money cannot save your soul! Money is here on earth not to be love but to be able to use on the things you need. So dont love it, love the people around you. If its hard for you to share something, then you will never really find true happiness.


The Endless Life's Journey