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Electrifying Love And Devotion

Wow, this is great.i submitted my poem on some site but i put it under my husband's name and i cant believe it. my poem made it to the semi-final, out of thousands of poems submitted to that site. My poem is one of those who made it to the semi-final. I dont care if i put it under my husband's name and i dont care if i will not win. But to make it to the semi-final is a big accomplishment to me. here is the poem i submitted. you can rate it also by clicking the link above.

Electrifying Love And Devotion

You are the current of my life
And the voltage of my desire
You are the ampere of my dreams
That lightens the brown out of my brain

The ohm's of your hyperbolic body i can't forget
The short circuit of your gentle touch like a magnet
Hooked up to the midpoint of my solitary heart
To make the wire live, insulting the broken part

As I formulate the power of love
All i hear is my hearts lub-dub-dub
Like the current that flow and flow
I resist the foolish beat of it's glow

You're the kilowatthour of my ambition
Spliced to the profound core of my emotion
So be with me to the post of affection
I'll give you the Electrifying Love and Devotion


RAINEL said...

the poem is unique and brilliant. if i'm the judge it deserves to be the winner. :-)

afparks said...

thanks rainel, i hope my poem will make it to the grand final.

The Endless Life's Journey