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Duties of a wife

1. Wives subject to their husbands- which is as much as to say they must not contradict them in any point, but rather endeavor to please them by all means.
2. The wife must not forsake her husband in adversity or deride him
3. She must esteem the manners of her husband to be the legal rule of her life
4. She must not be too sumptuos and superfluous in her attire, as decked with frizzled hair, embroidery, precious stones, gaudy raiments and gold put about, for they are the forerunners of adultery.
5. She must not be jealous or mistrust her husband's absence.
6. The sixth duty of a wife is to carefully oversee her household, and to bring up her children and servants in the fear of God.
7. She must not discover her husband's imperfections and faults to any
8.The eight duty of a wife is that she gibe not nor flout her husband but bear with him as long as she may.


The Endless Life's Journey