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Duties of a Husband

1. That he give honor to his wife as the weaker vessel, for she is partaker of the grace of life.
2. He must patiently brook the hastiness of his wife, for there is nothing in the world more spiteful than a woman if she be hardly dealt with, or egged to indignation. 3. The husband in any case must not have affairs with any other but his own wife. A woman is jealous and naturally suspicious, and if her husband breaketh with her, she will not stick to break with him and privily borrow a night's lodging with her neighbor. 4. The husband must not injure his wife by word or deed, for a woman is a feeble creature and not endued with such a noble courage at the man; she is sooner pricked to the heart, or moved to passions than man. 5. The husband, in disputations with his wife, must sometimes confess himself vanquished by her. 6. The husband must provide for his wife and her household according to his ability.
7. The husband must suffer his wife to be merrily disposed before him, otherwise ( a woman's nature is such) she will be stealth find out some secret place or other to tattle and to disport herself.


The Endless Life's Journey