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Ok im herefor another blog and just remember something. Its a big Tragedy that happened in the Philippines last February 2006. The Brgy. guinsaugon tragedy wherein thousands of people been buried alive. Guinsaugon is a part of my province. I was there after the tragedy happened, i was with a group of volunteer doctors and missionary. We go there to give some helps and i was so sad to see the whole area. the whole brgy. guinsaugon is totally erased on the map of the Philippines. people buried alive and most was never recover even the bodies until this day. Landslides are not an isolated incident in Southern Leyte. Unusually heavy rain a couple of weeks before had liquefied entire mountain slopes and sent them sliding down. We spotted a few only a few kilometers from Guinsaugon. They stood out as ugly pale gashes on a lush landscape.
Guinsaugon sits at the foot of a mountain tall enough to have its own name--Mt. Can-abag. It looms 2,300 feet over the village. Southern Leyte sits on a fault line. Can-abag is but one of a series of steeply-sloped mountains that run down the island's middle like a gigantic spine. These mountains are composed of weathered, fractured rocks and soft soil. We went to the exact area where the landslide happen but we was not allowed to go nearer because that time they are still doing the rescue. It breaks my heart to see the whole area gone and whats left are mud. To think, there are a lot of people down buried alive on that mud, some people that was buried alive mostly the students and the teachers was still able to text their loved ones asking for help but to this day the school wasn't recover. cannot be traced anymore. The tragedy happens in February 17, 2006. The avalanche of rock debris which buried the whole barangay with a population of 1,857 has left, as of today 1, 328 persons missing and presumed dead and buried alive. During the search and rescue operation only 122 bodies were retrieved and 410 were found to have survived (20 of them rescued). When i was there, looking on the area and thinking of those people buried alive, i was thinking why God let it happen? The area smells bad already that time so we are not really allowed to go very near on the exact place.
But there is also one big tragedy that happens in leyte and this one is just 45 minutes drive from my hometown. It is a flash flood in Ormoc, City Philippines the hometown of my father. November 5, 1991 a flash flood kills almost 6, 000 people. But I'm happy to see ormoc now totally recovered, my uncle is the vice mayor now on ormoc. and if people would visit ormoc these days, the big tragedy that happens on 1991 cant be seen because of the big improvement of the area. But the Guinsaugon tragedy totally erased the whole barangay on the Philippine map. Im so lucky that even if a lot of tragedy was happening to the leyte provinces in the Philippines, my hometown never encounter such big tragedy and i thank God for protecting my hometown. I know those tragedy has a reason thats why it happens but if people would think, our life here on earth cannot be predicted. The guinsaugon tragedy is one proof and the ormoc tragedy that life cannot be predicted. In one glimpse everyone could be dead for a different reason.


The Endless Life's Journey