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Ok, today me and my husband had an argument. You see, even if two people are so much in love, its never been exempted to have a little fight or an argument every now and then. But its up to the couple how they settle the arguments. But of course it wont be settle if only one wants to settle it and the other wont help. It should be both couple will help each other to settle the problem. For husband, avoid yelling at your wife or calling her names or using bad words. It mostly never helps but only wound up your wife's feeling evenmore. For the wife, listen to your husband when he is trying to explain, its ok to cry its our way to release pain but dont say something that is irritating on your husband's ears. It wont do good but makes him more mad. And the best way to settle it is to talk not to yell. Give each other a chance to say what she/he wants to say. Dont interrupt when the other is explaining, just pay attention and listen to what the other is saying. After that then its your turn to speak up. Be straight and honest, say what u want to say. Dont blame each other, accept each other's fault. Sorry is a nice word when you want to settle an argument. My husband and i when we fight we never let it grow it into a bigger more problem. It dont mean that when you are fighting, love is gone. True love will always stay deep. My husband and i would settle the problem after we both say what we want to say. Sorry is always the closure of the argument or fight and the word i love you is our assurance that everything is ok. Thats all i could share for now. Hope it helps on some couples.


Story said...

Me if we have an argument i will not say something today.But tomorrow be ready coz my revenge hhahahahaha anyway understand each others fault.

good fel it's a way of releasing your anger...writing on blogs.

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