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More Doctor's Appointment

As im going close to my due date. Im getting more doctor's appointment. My doctor wants to see me once a week now. I really can't wait till my pregnancy is over. So far, I am just lucky that I never have any kind of pain. Pregnancy is going smoothly and baby is kicking harder now. I just wish everything will be this smooth until the time when the baby needs to come out. My sister in law, has been planning my baby shower which I actually did'nt plan to have. But oh well, she wants to do it so I just agree with her. Well that's all for now and I'll be updating again when I have the time. Good day and happy blogging everyone!

Just what's going on with me

It's been a very long time since I last visited my blog. I had been so busy with things going on with my life. First of all, the reason I stop blogging for a while is because I had been so lazy and have a lot of headaches and nausea. Why? no I am not sick but I am pregnant. Yes, finally pregnant after 4 years of being married. And this one hopefully will be successful. I did not even find out I was pregnant until I am about 20 weeks. I thought the headache and nausea is just some stress since during that time my husband and I are moving. Aside from the headache and nausea, well there's the visiting of the bathroom a lot. My husband was the one who conclude I am pregnant and at first I just laugh at him since for some reason I just don't feel like pregnant. But then he keep nagging me to see a doctor and he was 100% sure I am pregnant and it turns out he was right. We are happy to hear the news although it was unexpected and really was not planned. But it happens and I am on my 27th week this Wednesday. So far everything is fine with the baby, there are days it kicked so much but there are days i'ts like being lazy. I have another prenatal appointment this Wednesday. And oh, the only problem I have right now is I was diagnose with gestational diabetes on my 24th week. So I have to watch out on my sugar intake and also have to check my blood sugar 4 times a day. I also have a one on one talk with my dietitian and she put me on diet. I thought pregnant women are not suppose to diet but well I have. It's hard but I have to follow the meal plan. So that's what going on with me. Hopefully I won't be too lazy to update my blog again...Good morning to everyone and happy blogging!

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Husband and I has been very busy since the day after our wedding anniversary. We find a really nice house and it has a lot of things that I love about it. Also the price is right on our budget so we grabbed it right away. Since that day, it is a nonstop moving activities and until now we are still not done moving to the new house. We was thinking of paying the movers but budget wise, it ain't possible. However, friends and families offer a lot of help so I am really grateful for all the help. Hopefully by the end of this week, we will be totally done moving. So well that's all for now because I still have some more packing to do. Good day and happy blogging everyone!

Diet Update

Finally after 6 weeks of being so scared to weigh myself in, I had the courage today to see if my diet is working. The past few weeks I am so hesitant to weigh myself because at the back of my mind I was thinking my diet is not working that I am not losing any weight. But today, I finally gave in and check how much I weigh now. 6 weeks ago before I started to diet I weigh 157 pounds. I am only 5"0 tall so 157 lbs. is too big for my frame. Then today after I check out myself, after the 6 weeks of serious dieting I lose 12 lbs. in 6 weeks. I now weigh 145 lbs. which of course still heavy but hey, still 12 lbs. lose is a big deal to me. My aim is to weigh 120 lbs. by the end of this year, so let's see if it's gonna happen. It is really hard to lose weight but is easy to gain weight. I am lazy, I don't exercise and my only exercise is like once a week walking around the lake a couple of times which I don't think is much of a deal. But still I lose 12 lbs. with just the calorie counting diet. But yes I will soon start the regular exercise to lose more weight quickly. Anyways, losing weight is not about starving yourself. Losing weight is about eating wisely and eating healthy foods. You don't have to stop eating everything that you like to eat, in my case I love eating rice. Hey I am Asian, I eat rice 3 times a day but the reason I gain so much weight from eating it is because I ate too much of it. Remember, too much of everything is not good. I now measure what I eat, I just don't stuff myself with foods and not thinking about how much calories I am actually eating. I learned that 1 cup of cooked white rice have 210 calories. A slice of pepperoni pizza has 290 calories. Now, I measure and calculate everything I eat. I make sure that I don't go over my normal calorie intake. It is better this way than starving yourself just to lose weight. I also stop drinking any soda's instead I stick with water and green tea which I usually brewed myself. So well that's a quick update on my diet. I'll, update in a couple of months to see if I lose more weight. Have a nice day bloggers!!!

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4 year anniversary soon

Well, husband and I will be celebrating our 4 year wedding anniversary next week. Today I was thinking of what will be my anniversary gift for him. I usually don't give stupid gifts on our wedding anniversary. I make sure my gift is something that he needs and that will last a long time. No not jewelry, that's not what he need. But today I run out of idea for a gift. So maybe I will just be creative this year and make something for him from scratch that he will like. I still have a week to make it happen. That's all for now co'z I have a lot of errands to do still....Good evening bloggers!!!

The Endless Life's Journey